A unique experience that combines the study of the richly detailed interiors of the hotels with theatrical stories telling about facts that took place in these hotels
The interactive format immerses the guests in the story of the building and the great “lost souls” who are staying at the hotel
We invite our guests to the special secret locations at the hotel closed for others
Beverages, chef reception, professional photo shooting and memorable gifts are included
Excursion in Hilton Leningradskaya
The smallest but most rich in detail Stalinist skyscraper
Excursion in the National Hotel

National is the most legendary hotel in Moscow
HOST THEATRE IS an official partner
of the National Hotel and Hilton Leningradskaya.
Admire a unique Kremlin view from the balcony
Stumble upon a magnificent performance of the lost soul of ballerina Anna Pavlova
Visit Lenin room
Learn about the most exciting details of the hotel's hundred-year history
Pat the claws of the German trophy golden lionesses of the Reichstag

Explore the interiors of a symbol of the greatness of the Soviet Union
Meet the architect of the building - Comrade Polyakov
Luxury themed evenings in suites of five-star hotels, where in the private atmosphere, acting involves guests in the plot and makes them part of the event
Intriguing story, music, dancing, performed by actors
Unlimited bar with signature cocktails and appetizers set by chef
Private atmosphere

The theatrical event takes place in the National Hotel
Hollywood film director and his wife, a Russian musician come to Moscow to find new inspiration and faces for his future movie
We clear lines and carefully immerse each guest in a special atmosphere
The Iron Curtain period atmosphere, the unique event for the Moscow elite of the 50s
“The Lost in Hollywood”

The Theatrical Event

Guests will be able to take part in the program: lively dancing, a fashion show and singing famous songs
We clear lines and carefully immerse each guest in a special atmosphere
The theatrical event takes place in the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel
The private party atmosphere, where guests are going to welcome famous person together with music producer
“The Lost Songs”
The Theatrical Event
Dear Guest,
Once I decided to combine my hobby together with my profession. This is how Host Theatre project appeared. This theater has no chairs and a scenery is lavish interiors of the best five-star hotels.

Our mission is not to remove a theatre wall, we just set a peephole in it.

With warm regards,
Yulia Maksimovich

We are welcoming you to theatrical events at our Theatre!

The theatre was created to see, but it is more exciting to peep at the hotel room. That’s why we have created a project where the main focus is on the great and memorable “lost souls” staying at the hotel.

We do care to ensure that knowledge and impressions of our theatrical events in historically prominent places go along with true hospitality and comfort.
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