This evening, moving around the hotel, guests will get acquainted with Arab culture and traditions through the voice of the guide and acting scenes.
theatrical excursion at Palace Downtown

At the end of the excursion, guests will find themselves at the brightest Arabic-style dinner, performed by the legendary Palace Downtown.

Theatrical excursion
During the theatrical excursion guests will learn about the famous oriental hospitality, the role of the family in society, the flavour of oriental bazaars, culture and entertainment. Guests will be greeted with traditional tea with dates. They will be led through the mysterious corridors and secluded corners of the hotel - the palace, where they will witness unexpected events.


The excursion guests get to the Palace hotel, built according to the historical drawings of the palace of the ancient Arab sage, who was famous for his hospitality. Travellers and ordinary people from all over the world who came to his palace were greeted with all the versatility of Arab traditions and souls.
The palace's drawings were found in an ancient book by the British Archaeologist, scientist and writer Howard Bell, who is the leading guide of our excursion.

Guests hear his voice when they put on their headphones when they enter the hotel lobby.

Dress code
Following the traditions of social events, we kindly ask guests to adhere to the "cocktail" style in choosing an outfit for the evening

We are hosting the theatrical excursion at Palace Downtown.

Palace Downtown - an oasis in the heart of Dubai, a luxurious palace hotel full of grandeur and grace of authentic Arabic style.

This unforgettable evening awaits guests:

Fascinating acting game
Panoramic view of Burj Khalifa

The show of singing fountains

Arabic-style dinner

Luxurious hotel + scenes and interactives in other inaccessible places

Chamber format of the event
The number of tickets for the theatrical excursion is limited

650 AED

650 AED – 11+ years old
325 AED – 5-11 years old
Free – below 5 years old free of charge


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