A themed theatrical night at the luxurious PAPA Dubai, where acting brings guests into the story and makes them part of the event
Chapter 1
mexican papa
Theatrical night
by Host Theatre

3 february
This evening, guests will be completely immersed in the world of Mexican myths and legends. Mexico is an ancient and multicultural country, dry and hot. It is similar to the Emirates, and these countries even have a common legend: where did the rain go?

The guide to the mysterious world of Mexican myths will be Tezcatlipoca, the omnipresent god of the north and the night sky; according to legend, he could read minds.

A theatrical night from Host Theatre, where guests can taste Nikkei gourmet cuisine, which combines Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions.

Choose and taste the best cocktails from the PAPA Dubai bar menu.

During dinner, guests will witness a unique show performed by Host Theatre's actors.
He can visualise and embody the most unimaginable absurd thoughts, fantasies, and desires of guests!

Gods and Spirits of Mexico
Mayan conquistadors and Indians
Humorous performance about the Mexican Mafia
Carnival of the Dead
This evening, guests are waiting for four plots:
Dress code
Following the traditions of social events, we kindly ask guests to adhere to the "cocktail" style in choosing an outfit for the evening.

The theatrical night will take place in the unique space of PAPA Dubai. One thousand five hundred square meters of light and sound, 9 concept bars with extraordinary energy and drinks, and delicious Nikkei cuisine. PAPA DUBAI is a space for a new bar philosophy.

This unforgettable evening
awaits guests:

Unlimited coctail bar, snacks and canapes
Dance show
Captivating and engaging acting
Live music and vocals
Unique atmosphere
Gathering of guests 19:00
Start 19:30
End 21:30
3 february
  1. Unlimited snacks and canapes
  2. Theatrical program
  3. Free cocktail bar

490 AED

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V Hotel Dubai
Al Habtoor City, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E