Theatrical tea ceremony
A fun tour of a luxury hotel, activity with the actors, and a cup of tea to discuss the impressions

Theatrical tea ceremony
2 hours

Any tea ceremony becomes an exciting adventure with the Host Theatre. Join our tour, immerse yourself in the hotel's history and learn more about its famous guests.

In the hotel lobby, the most hospitable butler will meet the guest. He will organize an individual tour showing you the most beautiful locations. During the adventure, you will hear several secret stories about world-famous personalities who lived here. You can enjoy the exquisite interiors and take great pictures with stunning views in the background. And the hospitality of our staff will make you feel like the most long-awaited guest of this hotel.

The tour will end with a tea ceremony with desserts from the hotel's chef. Right before the tea party, guests will see one of the characters they have already met along the way during the tour. He will hold an exciting activity that will give vivid emotions and allow you to remember this adventure for a long time!

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 300 AED. This price includes the tour, activity, and tea.

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