Theatrical dinner
A fun tour of a luxury hotel, activity with actors, and dinner from the hotel's chef in buffet style

Theatrical dinner
2 hours
Join the exciting adventure with the Host Theatre! This format is suitable for an individual visit, an unusual date, or an exciting evening with friends.

Your trip will consist of two parts: an excursion and dinner. In the hotel lobby, guests will meet a charming butler. He will show them the most remarkable places in the hotel and corners where access is closed to ordinary visitors.

During the adventure, you can:
  • Learn interesting facts about the hotel and its famous guests.
  • Make beautiful pictures in luxurious locations.
  • Enjoy the architecture and interiors.
  • Feel like the most welcome guest of this hotel.

The second part is a dinner with dishes from the hotel's chef. Here you will find the culmination of the evening: an activity with one of the actors that you will meet during the tour. This character will cheer you up and make this theatrical adventure unforgettable.

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 590 AED. This price includes the tour, activity, and buffet dinner.

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